COVID-19 Training: Safe Practices at Columbia

Everyone working on any of our campuses must complete a required on-line training program. For those newly returning to campus, training must be completed before you return—in other words, by June 22 for those who return that date, or by the date of your return if later. The training takes 15-20 minutes.

There are two versions of the training: 

(1) Researchers, including faculty, staff and students, must take COVID-19 Training: Safe Research at Columbia, TC5550, in RASCAL.

(2) Other Columbia personnel must take COVID-19 Training: Working Safely at Columbia University, in ELM, the University’s Enterprise Learning Management System. This is a general training that does not include content specific to research.

If you are newly returning to campus, you must take the appropriate training before you return to campus. 

If you have been working on campus on essential activities throughout this time, you still must take the appropriate training. This training must be completed prior to June 29. As the number of people on site gradually increases, everyone needs to be aware of and follow the same precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Principal Investigators, supervisors, and departments are responsible for ensuring that all personnel (e.g., faculty, staff and students) complete the required training.

In order to receive credit for completion, the related Attestation must be completed at the end of the training.

Note: The information is presented in a slide format, and there is no audio or voice over.