Enforcement Plan for Enhanced Health and Safety Policy

Effective: June 22, 2020

The following reporting and response procedures will guide the University in addressing allegations of non-adherence to the Enhanced Health and Safety Policy that has been established to help protect individuals in the Columbia community and our neighbors as we return to campus.

The University’s goal is to support adherence to our health and safety policy by all on our campuses.  Signage throughout our campuses and other reminders will be designed to ensure that everyone entering campus or using campus buildings is aware of the University’s expectations regarding face coverings, physical distance, and other requirements; how to find more information; and where to go with concerns.


Complaints and concerns about non-adherence can be reported in a variety of ways:

  • Staff to their Supervisor.
  • Faculty to their department chair or Dean of Faculty Affairs.
  • Students to Student Affairs staff.
  • Additional options for all affiliates and non-affiliates:  

Addressing Non-adherence

In the interest of supporting community health and safety, anyone—including affiliates and non-affiliates—who refuses to adhere to the health and safety policy after being asked to do so by an appropriate authority will be asked to leave Columbia’s campus. 


Procedures and Sanctions

Supervisors, departmental administrators, student affairs staff, and Public Safety have responsibility to: 

  • Receive concern or complaint, address directly with the people involved by attempting to determine what has happened.
    • Each unit will have a limited supply of disposable face coverings to provide to individuals as needed to enable policy adherence. 
  • Seek to resolve informally, with education to reinforce understanding of expectations related to policy adherence. 
  • Seek assistance from senior supervisors and department administrators as needed, as would be done for other similar concerns and complaints. 
  • If an individual refuses to adhere to the health and safety policy after being asked to do so by an authorized staff member (see individual roles in No. 1 above), that staff member shall inform the individual that they must leave campus immediately. 
    • For employees who are expected to conduct their work on campus, time away as a result of a required departure from campus will be counted against that employee’s vacation or personal days, as appropriate.
  • Repeat complaints involving affiliates or initial complaints involving affiliates that are of a serious nature (e.g. intentional disregard of policy/serious dangers to self or others) should be reported to EOAA, Student Conduct and Community Standards or the relevant office for union employees. These complaints may be addressed through formal investigation and progressive discipline if needed.