Health Guidance


Public health practices are embedded in all of our reopening plans.

Columbia will provide guidance and best practices developed by our own experts, consistent with latest scientific evidence as well as guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State, and New York City.


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1. Read the Enhanced University Health and Safety Policy

This policy has been established to help protect individuals in the Columbia community and our neighbors.

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2. Read and Sign the Health Compact

Everyone who returns to campus must sign the University Health Compact.

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3. Take Safety Training

If you are returning to campus, you must take the COVID-19 safety course before you return to campusResearchers must complete this training in Rascal and sign the related attestation.

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4. Self-quarantine, If Required

International students and those traveling to campus from certain states or territories must self-quarantine as required by New York State.

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5. Get Tested

To provide an additional layer of safety, Columbia will require an initial single COVID-19 PCR diagnostic test of all faculty, staff, and students returning to campus.

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6. Complete the Daily Symptom Self-check

All faculty, staff, and students must complete a daily symptom self-check before enter ing campus.

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