Research Ramp-up Framework and Planning Tools

The Research Working Group, part of the President's COVID-19 Task Force, is charged with establishing a plan for research ramp-up at Columbia University with different phases that permit occupancy to be scaled depending on different scenarios and allowing schools to adapt as appropriate for their circumstances.

Principal investigators can use this checklist to plan the ramp-up of on-site research.

In preparation for the phased resumption of research activities, Environmental Health and Safety has prepared this ramp-up checklist for use by laboratories prior to and upon return to campus. The planning phase for the resumption of research is underway, and the ramp-up checklist is focused on activities and tasks that can be accomplished remotely, prior to a physical return to the laboratory. Please note, the completion of this document shall not in itself serve as a clearance for a laboratory to return to campus.

Schools and institutes can use this checklist to assist in planning for the ramp-up of on-site research. Schools and institutes that share a building should coordinate.