Safety Training

Everyone working or studying on any of our campuses must complete a required online safety training program. As the number of people on site gradually increases, everyone needs to be aware of and follow the same precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The safety training takes 15-20 minutes. To receive credit for completion, the related Attestation must be signed at the end of the training.

Principal Investigators, supervisors, and departments are responsible for ensuring that all personnel (e.g., faculty, staff and students) complete the required training.

If you have been working on campus on essential activities, you should have already completed the appropriate training.

If you are newly returning to campus, you must take the appropriate training before you return to campus.

Be sure to complete the correct training module:

Safety training for individuals at Barnard College, Union Theological Seminary, and other affiliate institutions, as well as retirees, emeriti, visiting scholars, and other academic visitors is also available online.

Updates for Spring 2021 COVID-19 Training – Working Safely at Columbia University   

We have recently made significant updates to the Safety Training module in preparation for the Spring Term and wanted to make sure that you received the most updated information.   Please refer to the Updates for Spring 2021 COVID-19 Training Updates for a one-page summary of these recent developments.