Safety Training

As the number of people on campus gradually increases, everyone needs to be aware of and follow the same precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everyone working or studying on any of our campuses must complete a required online safety training program.

If you are new or returning to campus for the first time, you must take the COVID-19 safety course before you arrive on campus.

The safety training takes 15-20 minutes. To receive credit for completion, the related Attestation must be signed at the end of the training.

Training links:

  • For all Columbia personnel, you must take COVID-19 Training: Working Safely at Columbia University.  There can be up to a one-hour delay between completion of this training being relayed to the checkbox in the ReopenCU app. Please plan your trip to campus accordingly.
  • For Researchers, including faculty, staff and students, the same training course is also available for your convenience in RASCAL.  You can take COVID-19 Training: Being Safe at Columbia University, TC5550, in RASCAL.  You only need to complete the training once, and if you complete the RASCAL training you do not need to take the training in the University’s Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system.
  • For Columbia Students, you are required to take COVID-19 Training: Being Safe at Columbia University, TC5550, in RASCAL. To receive credit for completion, the related "Take Test" Attestation must be signed.  There are multiple steps: 1) click "Take Course" on the left side of the RASCAL menu, 2) complete and review course content and 3) close out the course tab and click "Take Test" on the left side of the RASCAL menu.
  • Please note that an accessible PDF version of this training is available. If using this version, you will also have to attest to completing the course in RASCAL TC5550  by clicking the "Take Test" link on the left-hand side.  For those who may require additional accessibility assistance, please contact [email protected]

Safety training for individuals at Barnard College, Union Theological Seminary, and other affiliate institutions, as well as retirees, emeriti, visiting scholars, and other academic visitors is also available online.