Spring 2021 Travel Restrictions

December 23, 2020

Effective immediately and through the Spring 2021 term, all travel including over Winter and Spring recess is subject to the Spring 2021 COVID-19 Travel Restrictions listed here.

*This includes travel from the U.S. to non-U.S. countries and travel between non-U.S. countries

All faculty, staff, and registered students are covered by Columbia’s travel restrictions. These restrictions apply regardless of whether you are accessing campus. 

Any inbound travel to the U.S. from other countries is subject to CDC Travel Guidance and State of New York guidelines. This includes travel to the U.S. by students who plan to access campus for the Spring term and who also must adhere to the University’s quarantine requirements.

Any outbound travel from the U.S. to other countries is subject to Spring 2021 Travel Restrictions listed here and those of the destination country.

Subject to applicable guidance, travel within a non-U.S. country should be based on local COVID-related guidance. Please use caution as the COVID-19 situation may vary from region to region within a country.

Columbia-related travel from country-to-country outside of the U.S. is suspended.

Undergraduate study abroad programs for the spring term are suspended.

Faculty or staff who need to work abroad for the spring term must complete the travel exception process by contacting the International Hiring Committee at internationalhire@columbia.edu.

The current travel restrictions urge postponement of international personal travel for faculty, staff, and students. If personal travel must happen due to urgent circumstances, caution is advised, as local conditions can quickly evolve.

Please review CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination to understand the level of COVID-19-related risk associated with travel to particular locations.

You must follow the guidelines regarding restrictions of your inbound destination and that may apply on re-entry to the U.S.

Student personal travel is urged to be postponed, except for personal or family emergencies. If travel must happen, students must follow NYS guidance or destination country-specific guidance.

You must follow NYS guidance upon return or arrival to campus. Before coming to campus, you must review and affirm the Columbia Compact, complete any required quarantine, and successfully complete a gateway test.

All Columbia-related travel, including any group travel, is suspended for students. It also includes travel arranged, organized, supported, or in any way related to Columbia.

Students who fail to comply with applicable travel restrictions will be subject to Dean’s Discipline and review by Student Conduct and Community Standards. In the case of faculty or staff violations, departmental chairs or unit heads will be notified.

Columbia’s travel restrictions apply to all Columbia faculty, staff, and students even if the travel is part of a non-Columbia sponsored program. This includes travel that may be partially funded or arranged by Columbia, may earn academic credit at Columbia, may be coordinated by a Columbia-recognized student group, or may be an extension of a faculty or researcher’s professional work.