Student Fees

Details on measures University Student Financial Services is taking to address student and family needs in response to COVID-19.

Rebating of Certain Student Fees in Response to COVID-19

The University has begun to process student refunds that relate to fees for undergraduates who have moved out of undergraduate housing and/or are no longer using their dining packages. For more information please see the SFS website.

In addition, the University is processing a credit for students who were assessed the Morningside Facilities fee and Student Life fees to reflect a portion that relates to printing services (for undergraduates), Athletics and Lerner Hall, and individual communications will have further detail for students.

The University moved swiftly to ensure instruction continues throughout the spring semester and students can earn full credit for the semester's work. Tuition and fees will continue to pay for the delivery of instruction, as well as the associated costs of academic support services. As long as instruction continues, tuition will not be refunded.