2021 Additional Floating Days Off

May 26, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

This past year has brought enormous change and challenges to all of us, personally and professionally. We have been working more and finding it difficult to hold the line between work time and personal time. We are heartened to see the continued decline in COVID-19 cases and the continued increase in the number of vaccinated individuals in our city. As the weather gets warmer, and our city begins to open up, we want to encourage everyone to take time to log off, unplug, and recharge.

To facilitate this, the University is providing a one-time grant of two additional floating days off for officers of administration, officers of research, officers of the libraries, and support staff. These days are available to you immediately. We encourage you to take the time before the academic year begins in September, but the days will be available to you until the end of the calendar year. This time is in addition to regular vacation and personal days. Your school or department may have guidance on how these additional days may be used.

Whether you are working on campus or remotely, taking time off work promotes well-being, provides a renewed sense of purpose, more energy and mental clarity, and an overall sense of health and happiness.  Please take this opportunity to coordinate with your manager and schedule some time off.

We are grateful for your continued hard work and dedication to our University.

Thank you,

Gerry Rosberg
Senior Executive Vice President

Donna Lynne
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CUIMC
University COVID Director