Columbia Is Working With Recovered Patients to Explore Plasma Possibilities

March 31, 2020

Survivors of COVID-19 in the New York area are beginning to come out of isolation, and researchers at Columbia are looking to harness patients’ antibodies to fight the disease in others.

Survivors are being asked to join trials like the one launched by Dr. Eldad Hod, a clinical pathologist at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University. “This is actually a national effort," Hod told CBS New York News. "This is happening at all major hospitals all over the country, where the goal is if we have enough plasma in the supply then we can do trials to try to figure out where it might be most useful."

Donors' plasma could potentially be used by week’s end. For now, the FDA is only allowing use for the critically ill. Hod is hopeful there will be a wider benefit down the road.

Diana Berrent, a resident from Long Island, is working with Columbia to spread the word