Moving Forward Responsibly

Many are curious about what the decision to make flexible use of the Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 terms means. Deliberations are guided by questions and specifications from working groups that have begun to shape how Columbia will be renewed responsibly. 

Ira Katznelson
May 20, 2020

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community,

Today’s inspiring and quite beautiful Commencement reminds us that with resilience and countless acts of generosity, the University has remained open and, to a surprising degree, energetic. Instruction has continued, student projects have advanced, networks have extended, measures of assistance have been enacted. Staff and faculty are working assiduously at home, often harder than ever, while others are navigating the city to protect and maintain the campus. Most notably, clinical care has courageously deepened, at no small human cost.

Moving as these achievements have been, no one would like to see anything but the return of vibrant and healthy density. During the past days, my in-box has filled with a series of significant questions that deal with this aspiration. Why is the University adopting a three-term model? How are the working groups proceeding to design the next phase as the pandemic winds down? How will the views of the larger Columbia community shape their recommendations? When can we expect more information?

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