The State Department announced plans this week, via Twitter, to begin phased resumption of certain services, depending on local conditions. 

Columbia will join other leading colleges and universities on an amicus brief challenging U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement newest federal rules, which pose significant limitations on international students.

Dean Melissa Begg reiterates details for the academic year and encourages the CSSW community to remain flexible as conditions on the ground develop. 

Dean Carlos J. Alonso's message contains information for students in masters and doctoral programs and answers several important questions.

The goal is to provide as much in-person teaching and field reporting opportunities as possible, as long as it is consistent with the safety of students, faculty, and the broader community.

Important and time-sensitive information was announced on July 9, about the second stage of the Ramp-Up for research and other sponsored activities.

Modeling compares the city's reopening policies, including social distancing measures during an anticipated December spike. 

Dean Merit E. Janow says SIPA's plans have not changed but encourages the members of her community to read President Bollinger's July 7 letter.

Dean Mary C. Boyce issues plans for the 2020-21 academic year to graduate students and undergraduate students.

Once permitted by local regulations and the University, all courses will be available in person and offered virtually both synchronously and asynchronously.

Dean Linda P. Fried highlights features raised in President Bollinger's July 7 letter as part of a commitment to keep public health students, staff, and faculty informed. 

Dean James J. Valentini shares information about the next academic year, in the first of many updates to come, as details continue to be finalized.

Punitive immigration policies damage Columbia, higher education and the national interest.

Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch announces, among other things, that GS students will be offered the opportunity to take classes in-person when available, and all courses will be offered online.

President Beilock outlines what to expect this academic year and points to a new planning website with detailed information that will be frequently updated over the summer.